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Visual Studio solution

You can find here short descriptions of projects found in Eneta portal solution.

NB! All external libraries can be found from solution folder "External Libraries". If you add your own libraries to solution then you must copy all referenced and required libraries to External Libraries folder and refer to these copies in your solution.
  1. Admin - administrators module.
  2. Authentication - module for authentication providers. Currently only support for Windows Live ID is implemented.
  3. Business - (deprecated?)
  4. Common - this project contains definitions and "business logic". All new classes and repositories must be defined there, also all utility functions.
  5. Community - ?
  6. Companies - companies module.
  7. Controls - common controls that have no independences with portal modules.
  8. Event - (deprecated?)
  9. Events - events module.
  10. FeedAggregator - SharePoint Timer Job that imports feed entries from blogs and stores them to portal.
  11. Forum - forum, of course.
  12. Learning - (deprecated?)
  13. Lietarute - modules for books and magazines.
  14. News - (deprecated?)
  15. NewsAndBlogs - modules for blogs, blog entries and announcements.
  16. Profiles - user profiles module.
  17. Site - site definitions (what's more in this project?)
  18. Tooltips - module for displaying tooltips.
  19. UiActions - module for user interface extensions.
  20. WebStudio - (deprecated?)

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