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When user fills form there are question marks that show tooltips when user moves mouse on it. Tooltips texts are dynamic and administrators can change these texts. Tooltips are grouped by pages where they are shown so you can easily filter out tooltips if you want to change something.  You can find tooltips list from root site. List is titled as Tooltips.

Tooltips for company editor

Company editor uses following tooltips:

  • CompanyName – company name that is shown in company page title and lists
  • LargeLogo – company logo
  • Description – company description
  • Street – street address of company head office
  • Zip – zip of company head office
  • City – city of company head office
  • Offices – counties where company is also represented
  • HomePage – homepage address
  • Employees – number of employees
  • ContactName – name of contact person
  • ContactEmail – e-mail address of contact person
  • ContactPhone – phone of contact person
  • Certified – number of Microsoft certified employees
  • PartnershipLevel – partnership level of company

Tooltips for profile editor

Profile editor uses following tooltips:

  • FirstName – first name of user
  • LastName – last name of user
  • Email – e-mail address of user
  • Interests – is user developer, ITPRO, designer or just one who is interested in Microsoft technologies
  • YouAndMs – how is user related to Microsoft
  • Photo – profile image
  • HomePage – homepage of user
  • Address – full address of user
  • Phone – phone of user
  • School – school where user studies
  • FieldOfStufy – field of study that user studies
  • Company – company where user works
  • JobTitle – job title of user
  • SendEventsInfo – if user wants to get information about events announced through portal
  • SendMsInfo – if user wants other information about Microsoft to his/her e-mail address

Tooltips for registering page

Registering page that is shown when user joins with portal uses following tooltips:

  • UserName – username for new user
  • Email – e-mail address of user

Tooltips for blog editor

Blogs adding and editing page uses following tooltips:

  • Name – blog name or title
  • BlogUrl – blog URL
  • RssUrl – RSS feed URL
  • Description – blog description
  • FirstPostDate – date when first post was made to blog

Tooltips for article editor

Article editor uses following tooltips:

  • Company – tooltip for related company dropdown

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