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Portal modules

Here is short description of current portal modules we are porting over to ASP.NET MVC based version. If you need more modules or you need new features to existing modules then please feel free to contact us.


  • events are added by moderators
  • for each event it is possible to set if event is real or virtual one or both
  • for events moderators can set maximum number of attendees
  • portal users can register to real and virtual events
  • users registered to event can also cancel their registrations
  • moderators can view event attendees lists with their contacts


  • registered users can register their existing blogs to portal
  • feed aggregator service imports blog post descriptions from blog to portal (on timely manner)
  • before new blog is aggregated to portal moderator must approve the blog
  • moderator can also reject blog (in this case moderator must also provide explanation why he rejected the blog)
  • after blog is approved user can change his or her blog data without any further approvals by moderators
  • imported blog posts are put to moderation queue and moderators must approve imported blog posts before they are shown in portal
  • moderators can reject improper blog posts without any explanation
  • moderators can edit blog posts by adding tags to posts


  • articles can be added by all registered users
  • moderators must approve articles before they are published
  • user can edit article that is once approved and no further approval is required by moderators
  • moderators can also reject article (they must also provide explanation why they rejected article)


  • forums are divided to categories, each forum belongs exactly under one category
  • each forum has moderator (can be just forum moderator not site moderator)
  • moderators are just authorities right now, practically users who you can trust on given expertise
  • users can add posts to forums, no moderation is needed
  • users and moderators can edit existing posts (it is possible to leave comment why modification was done)


  • companies module offers public catalogue of companies who provide services or products on Microsoft platforms
  • companies are classified and categorized by official partners model offered by Microsoft
  • users can add their companies through portal
  • before company is published to catalogue moderators must approve it
  • once approved, user can change company data without any need for further approval
  • moderators can also reject companies (they must also provide explanation why company was rejected)


  • books and magazines can be added by portal users
  • books and magazines must be approved by administrators before they are published to portal
  • once approved, user can edit data of books and magazines without any further approval
  • moderators can also reject books and magazines (they must also provide explanation why book or magazine was rejected)


  • Moderators can see list of pending:
    - blogs
    - blog posts
    - articles
    - books
    - magazines
    - companies
  • As we have SLA established with moderators there is also report for moderating actions and reaction times

Still planning

  • videos
  • presentations

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