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Installing feed aggregator

Feed aggregator is module of Eneta portal that aggregates blog postings from blogs to portal automatically. Feed aggregator is not deployed with deployment package because it is implemented as SharePoint timer job and therefore it is installed to Central Administration site.

  1. Open SharePoint PowerShell console and move to deployment package subfolder FeedAggregator.
  2. Run the following commands

    Add-SPSolution "full path to Eneta.Portal.FeedAggregator.wsp"
    Install-SPSolution -identity Eneta.Portal.FeedAggregator.wsp -GACDeployment -WebApplication http://central-admin-url/
    Install-SPFeature  -Path "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\TEMPLATE\FEATURES\FeedAggregatorTimerJob\Feature.xml" –force
    Enable-SPFeature -identity FeedAggregatorTimerJob -Url http://central-admin-url/
  3. Open the following URL: http://central-admin-url/_admin/FeedAggregator/FeedAggregatorJobManager.aspx
  4. Insert following values to feed aggregator settings form
    • Web application: this is portal web application
    • Enabled: yes
    • Aggregator web: select URL to your blogs site (default: news\blogs)
    • Aggregator list: Pages
    • Aggregator’s feed list: Pages
    • Feed items cache list: Pages
    • Schedule type: Minutely
    • Schedule interval: 30
  5. Save settings.

If you want to see if configuration is okay you can set schedule interval to 5 minutes by example. To get blog postings imported you must have at least one accepted blog with correct RSS URL registered in portal.

If you face any issues then please feel free to contact us through discussions section of this site.

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