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Eneta portal uses hidden lists to keep forums data. It is one of our legacies and it is subject to change. All forum categories, forums, topics and posts are kept in four hidden list:

  • spforums_category,
  • spforums_forums,
  • spforums_topics,
  • spforums_posts.

Before opening forum to users you must insert categories and forums. Forum categories group forums with similar topic together. Each forum belongs to some category.

Adding categories

To add categories open portal as administrator and move to categories list (http://<portalurl>/<forumsiteurl>/Lists/spforums_category/). For each category you can fill the following fields:

  • Title – title of category,
  • SortOrder – numeric order of category (used when sorting categories),
  • FeedBurnerUrl – if you care about user experience in portal you can insert category FeedBurner URL here.

Adding forums

To add forums open forums list (http://<portalurl>/<forumsiteurl>/Lists/spforums_category/). For each forum you can insert the following fields:

  • Title – title of forum,
  • CategoryID – category ID (you can get it from categories list),
  • Description – forum description,
  • SortOrder – forum order in category,
  • Moderators – forum moderators,
  • FeedBurnerUrl – FeedBurner URL for forum RSS.

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