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E-mail templates

Eneta portal uses templates for all outgoing e-mails. E-mail templates are hold in list called EmailTemplate. List contains following fields:

  • Title – the unique name of template (internal name used to search for correct template when sending e-mails),
  • TemplateTitle – title of e-mail,
  • TemplateBody – message body (HTML-formatted).

You can use in template title and body the following placeholders:

  • {USER} – username of user who gets the e-mail,
  • {ITEMNAME} – the title of name of item that is subject of e-mail (title of announcement, name of company etc),
  • {ITEMURL} – link to item that is subject of e-mail.

Currently there are following templates used by Eneta portal:

  • WelcomeMessage
  • AnnouncementAdded
  • AnnouncementAccepted
  • AnnouncementRejected
  • BlogAdded
  • BlogAccepted
  • BlogRejected
  • CompanyAdded
  • CompanyAccepted
  • CompanyRejected
  • EventAdded

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