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Administrators log

Administrators log is list that is used to monitor administrators work on managing the following contents:

  • blog approvals/rejections,
  • blog posting approvals/rejections,
  • announcements approvals/rejections,
  • companies approvals/rejections.

Administrators log is root site list called AdminActivities. Administrators log contains the following fields:

  • URL – URL to content item on what action was done,
  • Module – module where content item belongs,
  • PreviousEditor – user who edited content item before current activity,
  • PreviousStatus – previous approval status of content item,
  • PreviousTimeStamp – date and time of previous activity,
  • CurrentEditor – user who made the last activity,
  • CurrentStatus – current status of content item,
  • CurrentTimeStamp – date and time when current change was made,
  • Delay – time between last and current change.

This list is specially useful when administrators work is monitored by management or is based on SLA where allowed time delays are subject of contract between portal owner and support company. This list can be also used by portals where people are volunteering because it gives good overview about time delays between user and admin activities on user submitted content. If users have to wait too long before their content gets approved or rejected then it may be good idea to see if administrators are able to manage new content with shorter time delays.

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